Good customer service is expected and it´s crucial for a business to thrive. But if you really want to set your business apart from the competition, go the extra mile with these four suggestion

  1. Make great service a priority. Excellent customer service requires training that constantly reinforces the message that customers always come first. Start with little things like a standard way of greeting people on the phone and make sure that sales staff politely greet anyone who enters the store.
  2. Take the customers to the exact location of the product they are looking for. Usually when a customer asks where to find something, the sales assistant will just tell them which aisle the product can be found. Just telling them where it is though is really telling them you don’t care that much about their experience in the store. It is much better then, to actually take them right to the product. It shows you care. It might only seem like a small thought but it´s that extra touch that makes people feel more attached to a business.
  3. Give your customers a way to provide feedback. No matter how proactive you are, you´ll never be on top of every customer´s issue. To make sure you learn about the good, the bad and the ugly experience your customers have, devise an easily accessible way for customers to give feedback. So whether it´s a survey, a questionnaire or direct feedback from your staff, it makes it easier for you to learn what needs improvement.
  4. Make it personal. Apologize quickly and sincerely if there are any complaints. Setting things right quickly for your customer will go a long way in restoring their confidence in your business.
  5. Give all your employees excellent product knowledge. Knowledge is power and for retailers, product knowledge can mean more sales. It is so much easier to sell to a consumer if you can show how a particular product will address a shopper´s needs.

So instead of separating yourself from the competition by lowering prices, let excellent customer service push you to the head of the pack.