Top Tips for Visual display for Retailers

Top tips for Great visual display at Christmas for retailers

Visual merchandising is an important part of running a successful shopfront. After all, your displays are the key to grabbing the attention of passersby and turning those people into customers. But you are a business owner, not necessarily a designer or artist; so how do you employ visual merchandising to attract more customers? Use these […]

Why Customers Quit Your Business

why customers quit your business - stocktaking solutions

Do you work hard enough to build loyal and long lasting relationships with your customers ? Sometimes customers quit your Business. If you don’t know why, then this article might help. The good news is that you may have more control over customers quitting than you think. Read on for the hard facts why customers […]

6 Management Tips for Retailers

retail management tips by stocktaking solutions

Many times managers and independent retail owners are pulled and pushed in dozens of ways because of the nature of the business. As a result managers and owners can become overwhelmed by multiple demands resulting in not moving the business forward. It’s essential to focus on what’s important in your business and here some tips […]

6 most common mistakes small retailers make

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Having a business fail can be devastating but unfortunately it happens all too soon. To survive, a new business owner should avoid the following fatal mistakes. 1. Failure to plan Many new retailers plunge into business with little more than a wing and a prayer. Which is why it´s so important to write a Business […]