Cashflow – The life blood of every Retailer

Cash flow. If there is one thing that will keep you awake at night, its cash flow. It really is the life blood of any business. Because without it, there is nothing. When the cash is flowing, the business has a future. But when its in short supply, life can look so bleak. So where […]

5 benefits of Good Inventory Management

important to end of year stocktake

Inventory management is a good practice for any company. If you are not keeping a watchful eye on your inventory or counting stock regularly, you are setting yourself up for potential inventory errors and challenges. Proper inventory management really can make or break your business! Keep the following benefits in mind as you weigh the […]

Why your end of year stocktake is so important

end of year stocktake

Why your end of year stocktake is so important Regular stocktaking is one of the best things you can do to keep your business in the best possible shape. It provides an instant snapshot of how your business is doing and helps you avoid any unpleasant shocks at the end of the year when your […]