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Could your profit margins be better?

Growth.ChartHere at Total Stocktaking Solutions we take your stocktake seriously because we know how important it is for your business that it is done well.

Because  a good stocktake will give you  a really good idea of how well your business is doing, checking that it is being run profitably, efficiently and to its maximum potential.

Our customers have often been unaware that they are losing hundreds or even thousands of Euros every week simply due to lack of proper auditing. Businesses are literally throwing money away because they are unaware that stock loss is an issue in their business.

Don´t let it happen to you

Let our team of trained stocktakers transform your understanding of your business strengths and weaknesses by gathering together and interpreting the hard facts about your turnover and profit

Make Total stocktaking Solutions a become a vital part of your business –  from meticulous reports to in – depth advise and feedback on your profit margins,
pricing and product control, we can help you to continuously reduce waste and loss and guide you towards a more cost effective way of managing your business

Can you afford not to?

CALL US today if you want to :

  • Increase your gross profit
  • Reduce loss
  • Lower waste
  • Hear expertise advise from 30 years experience in the business
  • Receive unmatched management and office support
  • Benefit from specially designed stocktaking software for all scanning systems including Musgrave Gold. Don´t worry if your business doesn’t have a scanning system, we have designed  specific software package which can cater for your business too.
  • Avail of our flexibility – we stocktake when it is convenient for you with minimum disruption to your day


Total Stocktaking Solutions have been stocktaking for over 30 years all over Ireland and have over 1000 satisfied customers in retail outlets such as;

  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Garages
  • Hardware shops
  • Pharmacy's
  • Book shops
  • Newsagents
  • Co-Ops

Benefits of Stocktaking

  • It will show you exactly how much of your cash is tied up in stock and let you assess if you can get more cash into your business.
  • It will help you in ordering replacement stock more accurately
  • It will help reduce wastage of stock going past it’s sell by date or being damaged by bad storage.
  • It will give you a crucial financial figure which is essential to calculate your gross profit margin and assess how your business is performing

Our customers come to us for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Change of ownership
  • Accounting purposes
  • To check profitability
  • To help them reduce loss and lower waste
  • To become more competitive

Whatever the reason, we have the knowledge your business needs to help reach it´s maximum potential.

So if you need help focusing on:

Improving your gross profit margin AND Setting up the right stock levels for your business


We´d love to hear from you

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